As a company, we operate with three values in mind: quality, innovation, and reliability.

Fairystone Fabrics employee working on factory equipment
Fairystone Fabrics factory equipment
Fairystone Fabrics apprentice smiling beside factory equipment


Members of Fairystone Fabric leadership team gathered together

Following his service in the Air Force in WWII, Harold Bobo returned home to North Carolina. After decades in the fabric industry, he founded Jersey Fabrics, which specialized in tricot work, in 1968. He expanded the company significantly in 1971, buying up equipment from a local firm who was exiting the tricot business and laying the foundation for Fairystone Fabrics as it exists today. His son, Tom Bobo, took over the company in 1973.

Following industry changes in the ‘70s and ‘80s, Fairystone invested in higher-speed Mayer compound needle machines and made a number of plant expansions, including adding sueding to its services. As many of its competitors folded, Fairystone continued to thrive.

 In 2011, current President Jim Bryan purchased Fairystone from Tom Bobo. Today, we have a solid base of domestic customers who ship finished product around the world. We produce technical fabrics for automotive, filtration and niche markets, and we upgrade our facilities and equipment annually to meet the shifting needs of our customers.

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Quality Standards

Our ISO 9001 certification is just one of our commitments to quality.

Our ISO 9001 certification is just one of our commitments to quality.

We hold ourselves to outstanding levels of quality—in our fabrics, our employees, and our customer relationships. After many years of internal audits, intentional improvement, and increasing targets for excellence in our systems and products,  we’re proud that our quality management system has been recognized by the International Standards Organization.

We’re constantly working to improve our performance in other areas, too:

  • In 2017, all 135 members of our team completed LEAN, Six Sigma, and SS training.

  • As a result, 30 Kaizen teams are currently working in their respective areas within the Fairystone facility.

  • We’ve sent a number of employees to Alamance Community College for courses of study in the Mechetronics program.

Quality is part of our mission at Fairystone. When you work with us, we know you’ll feel it, too!

Fairystone Fabrics is dedicated to:
Provide the highest quality products and services;
Meet customer requirements and exceed customer expectations;
Develop an informed, trained, and unified workforce;
Achieve continual improvement of all processes.
— Fairystone Fabrics Quality Policy

Our Plant

Fairystone Fabrics factory equipment

Our plant has served us well for 50 years—and it was the site of a tricot factory before us! We’ve honored its history with thoughtful stewardship, keeping the good bones of the place sturdy as we continue to invest in state-of-the-art equipment upgrades.

Want to see it for yourself? Just reach out—we’d love to show you around!



Fairystone Fabrics employee holding strands of material

We’re committed to preserving the environment. Our biggest milestone: becoming landfill free in 2013! All of Fairystone’s waste products are reused, recycled, or used as fuel for power plants. This effort requires cooperation from every employee, and we’re proud of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

In order to further improve our sustainability as a facility, we continuously:

  • Invest in efficient, low-hanging lighting to decrease energy use and increase visibility at the same time

  • Replace electric motors with more efficient models when they’ve reached the end of their economic life

  • Work with our suppliers to use reusable packaging and containers, avoiding the energy and waste associate with the recycling process

  • Employ a supply chain that delivers a finished product—from yarn to fabric—within 500 miles of our plant

  • Work with local vendors for all company rewards and apparel

When you partner with Fairystone, you’ll know that you’re reducing your carbon footprint, saving on power and transportation costs, and supporting our sustainability efforts.