We specialize in three main processes: warp knitting, warping, and sueding.

Fairystone Fabrics machinery
Fairystone Fabrics machinery and thread
Fairystone Fabrics machinery

Warp Knitting

No matter the job, Fairystone Fabrics is your warp knitting resource. We’re always up for a custom request or a new challenge. Our warp knitting capabilities keep us flexible and reliable:

  • Large array of state-of-the-art, high-speed Karl Mayer warp knitting machines

  • Ability to knit between 168-210” in width

  • Growing group of 2-bar, 3-bar, and 4-bar tricot knitting machines

  • 24-, 28-, 32-, and 36-gauge machines

  • Ability to add other gauges as needed with our re-gauging tools—perfect for custom orders

  • Longtime relationships with clients in the automotive, hook-and-loop closure, filtration fabrics, and apparel industries

  • Growing interest in expanding our raschel warp knitting capabilities—contact us for more information!



Our factory contains 4 tricot warpers, running full-size tricot beams.

Our factory contains 4 tricot warpers, running full-size tricot beams.

We specialize in warping a wide array of fine denier filament yarns. We work largely with nylon and polyester; we also handle textured and flat yarn, low-melt polyester, polypropylene, and other filament fibers. We’re always open to challenges outside of our normal range of activity—just contact us and ask!

  • Typical denier range of 15/1 to 300

  • Wide range of clients, including our knitting customers, yarn manufacturers, yarn representatives, and other warp knitting resources

  • Worldwide yarn sourcing, creating opportunities for unique fiber combinations

  • Up-to-date warping heads and electronic tension devices

  • Investments in “S” rolls for improved tension control on textured and heavy denier yarns

  • 42” x 21”, 43” x 30”, or 21” x 21” beam sizes



We see sueding as both an art and a science: using sandpaper, we add texture to specially constructed fabrics for a soft, luxurious finish. We can do multiple passes of sueding for an extra-soft touch; we can also suede both sides of the fabric. Our other capabilities include:

  • Range from fine peach fuzz to heavy sueding for apparel

  • Equipment with advanced tension control, assuring side-center-side consistency

  • Ability to process both greige and dyed fabric

  • Ability to process warp knits, circular knits, and woven fabrics

  • Experience in fiberglass fabrics for our automotive clients