We call ourselves the “Fairystone Family,” and we mean it.

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Who We Hire

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Our employees come to us from a variety of backgrounds, and we’re always looking for hard workers with great ideas. We primarily build our workforce from four key sources:

  • Incumbent training: We start with our existing workforce, helping them gain new skills and knowledge through customized, on-the-job training.

  • High school apprenticeships: We build the next generation of our workforce by training high school students in technical skills through Alamance County’s Career Accelerator Program and its apprenticeship opportunities, preparing young people for future positions at Fairystone. AlamanceCAP is part of the Eastern Triad Workforce Initiative, which supports local job training opportunities.

  • Experienced hires: We believe that employees with experience in other areas of manufacturing bring fresh ideas into the mix, helping us stay ahead of the curve.

  • Veteran hires: We believe that military experience creates a valuable set of leadership skills and talents, and we welcome veterans to explore how their background could contribute to the Fairystone team.


Fairystone Fabrics was voted “Outstanding Consortium Member” by our peers at the 2019 ApprenticeshipNC Conference! Watch our video to learn more about our apprenticeship program.



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At Fairystone, we believe in taking care of each other. That value is reflected in every aspect of working here.

We’re known for investing in our team, and that starts with health. Fairystone covers a higher-than-industry-standard portion of our workers’ benefits (including 401(k) saving plans and medical, dental, eye, and life insurance), and we have a nurse practitioner visit weekly for consultations. Outside picnic areas and a walking track help us take healthy breaks during the day.

We believe in and practice continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. In that spirit, we offer a variety of ways for employees to build their skills and grow in their careers—from on-the-job training to options for community college courses.


To learn more about workforce development for tomorrow’s labor market, take a look at “Success in the New Economy.”


Open Positions

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The Fairystone Family is a dynamic, committed team, and we’re constantly growing. For an updated list of employment opportunities at Fairystone, please email Pam Gordon, our HR representative, at pgordon@fairystonefabrics.com.