Fairystone Fabrics is proud to be a leading North Carolina textile manufacturer. We specialize in warping, warp knitting, and sueding.


Our Capabilities

We’ve earned our reputation for technical expertise over 50 years in operation, and we supply quality textiles to customers across the world.

It takes everyone really—from the patrollers to the operators to the fixers to the threaders. Everyone relies on every one of us to get the job right.
— Elgie Bowers, Fixer

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Our Company

We operate with an eye for quality and responsibility. For our customers, we go above and beyond to solve problems and provide reliable satisfaction—that’s why they stick with us over the years. For our employees, we continuously reinvest in our people and our plant—we treat each other like family. For the environment, we reuse or recycle all of our materials—we’re entirely landfill-free. And our ISO certification guarantees that we’re always operating at the highest quality standards.

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Quote about Fairystone’s values
— Jim Bryan, President, Fairystone Fabrics


We’re always seeking hard-working people to join our team. Whether you’re a skilled textile worker with years in the industry under your belt, a young person interested in our work/study apprentice program, or a professional seeking on-the-job training as you grow in your leadership skills, we’ve got a path for you.

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Number of Fairystone employees who’ve been with us for over 10 years—that’s 47%!



Percentage of Fairystone waste that ends up in landfills


24/7, or 24/6

Hours/days that Fairystone’s machinery runs—we operate almost continuously!


News & Updates


We share periodic news about our work, updates on our Fairystone Family, and industry insights in our blog.

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— Fairystone employee

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We value your interest in our company. If you’d like to learn more about how we can serve you, please drop us a line!